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Thursday, December 3, 2009

This weeks dyeing

Playing with dye this week I found some neat ways to layer the fabric to get different results. All of these pieces of fabric were originally white muslin. I used dye from Dharma Trading Co.

This first one was done with all three primary colors, folded into sections and then just put splashes of dye on them to see what would happen. The same was done with the second piece, only it was folded differently.

These next sets were done in layers. I first put a piece of muslin in the bottom of a container and added the first color, then soda ash, then the second color, then soda ash, then the third color then more soda ash. The results were really neat!

This set was started with yellow, then blue, then red. The red was really saturated and got all the way to the bottom yellow layer.

In this set red was the bottom, then yellow and finally blue. Same three colors just applied at a different time and the results were completely different.

In this last set blue was the base color then red and finally yellow. Once again completely new results!

This was really fun and I am really enjoying this new hobby of mine! If you want some of these different fabrics for your crafts let me know! I have all the formulas written down.


Anastasia said...

testing to see that the comments are working

Beeshebags said...

They look great hun....they would make really nice patchwork bags! I'm not into quilting, but always look at quilting block patterns...with making bags in mind...lol


wackywoman said...

Oh great to be working on your blog. Looks great. I have dabbled a little in hand dying and decided to just buy them already done. Quite a trick to it I think. Yours look very nice.

Dee Soden said...

Please send all reject dying projects to


Anastasia said...

Dee they are yours!

Anastasia said...

Dee they are yours!

Karen Mallory said...

Love dyed fabrics! Great going on updating your blog!
hugs Karen

creativedawn said...

Beautiful dyed fabs, love them! yummy blog! Phewwww! glad my puter is fixed cuz I was missing out on the fun...YEAY! Great "works of art" here!

Melissa said...

So pretty. I am very jealous!