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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Newest addition to the blogs

I have decided to keep track of all my creative things online and here is where I am going to start.

Here is where the creativity flows....
And yes, this is clean!
Currently I am working on some cross stitch, quilt tops, emboridery, and dolls.

So lets start with the .... dolls. While Pati, my mother-in-law, was here visiting we made some nifty little dolls out of socks and gloves. Here is the result: From left to right - George the cat, blue cat (no name), Walter the bunny, blue cat (no name), El Gato. Not in photo is Juanita the bunny. Since making these little creatures the girls have taken them just about everywhere and don't let me pick them up usually because they are napping. It is truely amazing that these guys were all awake at the same time! :)
Next we will look at the quilt tops. Now I did not finish these all this week but here they are from the beginning of this chapter in my creativness...
Derek does not like this one, he says that the green throws it all off and that the strips and circles don't go together. What do you think?
Ok, well I was going to add some more quilt tops but apparently I have added too many pictures. Next time!
The cross stitch and embroidery will have to wait as well as they are suprises so I don't want anyone to see them yet.
There you have it...my creative side in a nutshell for today at least. What do you think?