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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Red & White topper done

This is a topper I finished last week. It is 50"x50". I like to but I am going to do another one to try and line things up a little more.

Redwork BOM finished!

This is the first BOM that I have ever done. I had a great time doing it and cannot wait for the next one to come out. This one is by Bunny Hill Desings. Super fun and I cannot wait until I get it in to a setting to quilt!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MIL Ornaments

I am making ornaments for my mother-in-law this year. She gets one for everyone every year and never gets one for herself! Sooo I decided to make up for the past 9 years that I have known her and make one for every year. Here they are:
In 2000 I met my future mother -in-law. I remember the day very well. The first words out of her mouth were, "Want a margarita?" I kid you not! She was smashed!! It was great! So I found a lime and added a beaded hook.
She taught me a game called Casino that her mother-in-law taught her. Apparently it is a rule that the mother always wins. So attach a beaded hook to a card and viola!
The woman takes pictures like there is no tomorrow! She has moved into the digital world now but I remember one of the first Christmas photo sessions that was with a 35mm and guess what ... there was no film in the camera! So a permanent reminder attached to another beaded hook.
The woman is queen and she is not afraid to tell you that she IS the Queen of Quite A Lot. So find a sparkly crown and ornament done!
Oh, did I mention that she is a sore looser? She still likes to poke people with a wooden spoon when she does not win - especially at cards! A wooden spoon it is!
She is the "glue" that keeps so many people's lives together.
She became a Grani in 2006 when my first daughter was born. Peyton picked this ornament out today because "it is Grani's favorite color!"
She became a Rani in 2007 when my second daughter was born. Molly still does not really pronounce the G in Grani. She picked out this ornament today.
This year she is going to spend Christmas with us in our new house. I purchased a plain white ornament today and added some beading to make it sparkle. It is suppose to me a snowball... I plan to get her good this year as she lives in Florida where it does not snow! HA!
I only have one left to make and it is the one that is giving me the hardest time! I will update later when I come up with something.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This weekend has been busy...

Ok so on Friday I made a shower curtain for my girls' bathroom. I wanted to make it girlie but still adult. Does that make sense? Well I decided on a black with white print. It is a little hard to see in this photo but it is a swirlie design in white on the black background.

Then I had some dress-up material that I found this past summer on a trip to Florida and immediately thought of their bathroom. I did not know at the time what I was going to do with it but then it came to me - wall art! I cut the panel up and made individual pieces. I mounted all the pieces onto foam board and then hung them on the wall.

And yes, that is a black tree. I bought it for Halloween for next year but then when I started to decorate for the holidays a few weeks ago I thought about how I was going to have mainly black in the bathroom so why not. I am still without lights on it but they are coming.

Ok so then today I made a quilt top for a Christmas present that I need to send to Florida. The person it is for loves purple so I dyed some material yesterday and cut it up today. Really like the top but I think that there are two squares that are a little to close in color so they look like one rectangle instead of two squares. Oh well, live and learn.

So that was the weekend in a nutshell and now I am off to try to finish another quilt top for a different gift. I will try to get a picture up tonight.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This weeks dyeing

Playing with dye this week I found some neat ways to layer the fabric to get different results. All of these pieces of fabric were originally white muslin. I used dye from Dharma Trading Co.

This first one was done with all three primary colors, folded into sections and then just put splashes of dye on them to see what would happen. The same was done with the second piece, only it was folded differently.

These next sets were done in layers. I first put a piece of muslin in the bottom of a container and added the first color, then soda ash, then the second color, then soda ash, then the third color then more soda ash. The results were really neat!

This set was started with yellow, then blue, then red. The red was really saturated and got all the way to the bottom yellow layer.

In this set red was the bottom, then yellow and finally blue. Same three colors just applied at a different time and the results were completely different.

In this last set blue was the base color then red and finally yellow. Once again completely new results!

This was really fun and I am really enjoying this new hobby of mine! If you want some of these different fabrics for your crafts let me know! I have all the formulas written down.

Latest stitching finishes

Here are this weeks finishes.

This was suppose to be a clothespin angel but when I finished stitching it I saw a mini tree skirt instead. I decided to leave it like this and I hung it in my girls' room with their fairy tree.

This saying was taken from something that I saw at Cracker Barrell. It may have been a pillow but I decided that I could make it just as easily as buying one so I did. It is now a pillow for my "blue holiday room".

I started this last night and finished this afternoon. It is a free pattern from My Big Toe Designs called Christmas Snow. In the original pattern the swirls go up above the word now and the star but as I was getting round the top of the star I decided that it was too much and started ripping it out. I like the simplicity of this better. I stitched it on 18 ct. aida that I dyed myself.

And there you have it. A week in the making. I also did some other dyeing .... lookin the next post for pictures.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some quilt tops I have finished in the past few months

There have been some improvements to my quilting but not enough to really boast about. I have only jumped out of the box once and Derek said that it was hideous so I think I will stick with what I know! :)
Here are some of the tops:

Bach is on the move!

Ok so Karlie, my little neighbor from across the street, has finally given me the information on the blog she is creating while in Europe. She has taken but one picture of my little sock buddy but at least it is a start. If you would like to see him overseas click here. I have already given her a hard time about the lack of pictures so maybe she will pick up the pace a little. Don't hold your breathe though, as you will read she did not follow the list of instructions upon arrival in England!

Cow exchange

Sorry for not getting this on yesterday Pirjo!
This is the cow exchange that I received from Pirjo... my little ladybug cow.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New sock babies

Here is the latest addition to my sock animals. I made him for my neighbor Karlie who left for her 6 week tour of Europe. Lucky girl!!! His name is Bach (you know like a chicken says - clever huh.) Anyway, she is suppose to be carrying little Bach here around with her on the many adventures she is taking. Thus far, according to her mother, poor little Bach has not seen much more than the inside of her bag. I will keep you posted on her/his adventures.

Mailart galore!

I started my journey in the mailart world and I am loving it! I have received some really neat packages in the mail. So far there are three in my collection.

The first theme was houses.
I received this from Joanne in Malaysia. The envelope is all made by Joanne using a cross stitch pattern for the house and decorative backing element. The lettering is done in backstitching and it is line with material. Inside there was a postcard of typical dwellings in her country as well as a cross-stitch kit and some DMC floss holders.
The second exchange I was in was themed "sweets."
Again from Joanne this time filled with floss, a postcard of a market in Malaysia, a sucker,"Sweet My Life" sewing kit and some hand cream.
And finally the exchange that had just started is the "roses" theme.
Again, cross stitched but this time from Lody in Iowa. She sent with it some floss in the colors that were used on the envelope and some charms. I am still working on this one for my partner!

Notions wins

This month I won the notions exchange and I have gotten some really neat things! In the order I received them...

First, from Joan:
a piece of aida with some charms.
Next, from Ann:
A whole goodie package! Filled with material, charms, needles and a memo pad. Oh, and look at the stamps! What a bonus!!!
Next, from Peggy:
Bead Party braclet kits and star charms! There was also a handmade bookmark...but I am using it and I forgot to get it before the picture. I will do that tonight. And again, look at those awesome stamps!!! Keep 'em coming! :)
Next, from Shellie:
Ceramic charms and that little box....a pattern with a charm! How cute!
Next, from Terry:
Another package of goodies including material, needles, and buttons.
Thank you so much ladies! I love it all!!!